Journey Through the Andes

An Interactive Children’s Concert

‘Journey through the Andes’ takes children on a musical journey through the Andes Mountains, starting in northern Ecuador and ending in Bolivia. The concert features a storytelling narrative, singing along games and group dancing. Inkarayku members use large floor maps, theatrical costumes and props to transport youngsters to another time and place; giving them a one of kind educational experience. This program is appropriate for children ages 2-10, and is an excellent addition to any elementary school curriculum, after-school  or arts-enrichment program.


Sounds of the Andes

An Interactive Student Workshop on Andean Music and Culture

‘Sounds of the Andes’ is an interactive music and culture workshop that introduces middle and/or high school-age students to traditional music genres and instruments from the South American Andes. The workshop also places these musical traditions within a narrative of pre-Colombian Andean history, the cultural achievements of the Incan empire, and contemporary issues surrounding indigenous identity in the Americas. Each workshop is tailored to fit the logistical and curricular needs of the particular school. Workshops often take place during a regular class period (45-60 min), and include a combination of mini lectures, musical performance and media samples. Teachers are provided with short class readings and music samples ahead of time to introduce the topic at their discretion. Students also get the opportunity to try out a number of traditional musical instruments, sing a folk tune in Quechua language, and learn a traditional dance step.


Music and Culture in the Andes

Master Classes and Residencies

Inkarayku is also available for master classes and short scholastic residencies at the high school and university levels. Workshops and courses cover a variety of musical and anthropological topics and are designed to fit the needs of a particular institution. Please contact us for additional information.